Hilaris Conference cordially gather all attendees from across the world to the " International  Conference  and Expo on  Clinical Nephrology and Urology," Webinar will be conducted during April  6-7,  2023.for a discussion on the most recent scientific developments and breakthroughs in nephrology and urology. By sharing your expertise, we can better understand, treat, and prevent nephrology and urology diseases.Urology Summit 2023 brings together distinguished speakers, academicians, and delegates from all around the world to offer their speeches, providing a fantastic opportunity for everyone to expand their networks and develop their potential

 By sharing your knowledge at what promises to be a very comprehensive and exciting gathering, you can help advance the field while also taking in Toronto, Canada's rich artistic history and beautiful surroundings.The two-day event, Urology Summit 2023, will address a variety of topics related to nephrology, urology, kidney disorders, renal disease, and renal devices this conference include internationally recognised presenters, cutting-edge technologies, and updates in nephrology and urology..



  • Researchers
  • Oncologist
  • Gastro-Enterologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Experts from the background of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Scientists
  • Directors
  • Professors
  • Global Experts in field of Nephrology and Urology
  • Young Researchers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Allied Health sciences students
  • Pharmaceutical leaders
  • Business Delegates
  • Clinical members
  • Students
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Training Institutes

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The market for nephrology and urology devices is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% between 2022 and 2030, reaching a value of USD 5.24 billion in 2021. Therefore, an ageing population and the rising prevalence of chronic kidney diseases (CKDs) are two major factors that are propelling the market. According to estimates from the National Kidney Foundation, chronic kidney diseases affect 10% of the world's population. The overall requirement for nephrology and urology equipment increases as more patients seek treatment for their ailment.A sizable senior population, which is predisposed to a number of illnesses, including renal and urinary disorders, is also projected to propel the  Annual Nephrology 2023 market. The WHO predicts that the percentage of adults 65 and older in the world will increase from 7% in 2000 to 16% in 2050. One of the most important risk factors for the emergence of many medical illnesses is old age. Additionally, ageing has an impact on the immune system, increasing the risk of developing illnesses like prostate cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and urine infections.

The Annual  Nephrology 2023 market is expected to grow in the anticipated year as a consequence of the increased prevalence of urological problems, thanks to the entry of new market players and the availability of cutting-edge products. Additionally, businesses are engaged in R&D initiatives in an effort to get novel products onto the market with favourable product reviews. However, the high cost of urology equipment, a lack of information about urological therapies, and items that have undergone product recalls may hinder the anticipated growth of the Europe urology devices market.

Nephrology universities :

  • Imperial College London
  • University of Arizona
  • University College London
  • University of Chicago 
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Mansoura University
  • Stanford Medicine
  • University of Minnesota


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