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Most interesting and fun facts about Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  •  In the 13th century, Amsterdam was a small fishing village located behind a dyke/dam which protected them from the water from the Amstel river. At that time, it was located at the lade of the Amstel. Amsterdam was named Amstelredam, which referred to the dam in the Amstel river.
  • Amsterdam is a city which is built on poles. A lot of poles. One of the most interesting facts about Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is that it is built on eleven million poles. The city is a placed a meter or so below sea-level. The train station of Amsterdam Centraal alone needs 9000 poles to be supported whereas a normal house needs only 10. These wooden poles of 15-20 meters are placed in a sandy layer which is around 11 meters deep.
  •  Amsterdam has officially only been the capital of The Netherlands since 1983. Before that everyone saw Amsterdam as the capital, but it wasn’t official.
  • If you pass away in Amsterdam but don’t have any family, friends or acquaintances, then a poet will write a poem and recite it on your funeral.
  • De Torensluis bridge from 1648 is the oldest and widest bridge of Amsterdam.
  • The Red-Light District is well known for its red lights, however, there are also blue lights. When the lights are blue you know that there is a transgender woman in the room.
  • The floating flower market exists since 1862 and has grown into one of the most famous flower markets of The Netherlands. The stalls are all located on boats which is a remnant from the time that the flowers were delivered by boat.
  • The biggest football club in Amsterdam, Ajax, has one of the most successful youth education programs in football in the world. Think of Wesley Sneijder, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Kluivert, Clarence Seedorf and many more.

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