About the Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy

Resistance to Microorganisms and Cancer treatment

Antibiotics are a specific type of antimicrobial agent - they kill or limit the growth of microorganisms. Antimicrobial agents are not limited to antibiotics; many other chemicals, physical processes like heating or ionising radiation are there. Antimicrobial Expo 2022 welcoming experts,scientists, researchers from academia and industry to share and spread the cutting edge technology and information to enhance the ideas and views in the field of microbiology.
Hereby, It’s our pleasure and delightful moment to invite you to join us to strengthen the scientific community at
"International Conference and Expo on Antimicrobial Agents and chemotherapy", scheduled on October 11-12, 2022 | Webinar.
An excellent platform to disseminate your novel finding to a focused audience and to popularize your research to the world via passing on knowledge to experts working in the respective or related field.

All the accepted abstracts will be published in the Supported Journals (Chemotherapy: Open AccessJournal of Antimicrobial Agents) of Hilaris Conferences with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) provided by Crossref.

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