The Vascular Medicine Conference 2020 will offer a unique opportunity for both the academic and industry stakeholders to meet and interact. This International Vascular Medicine Conference will be the best platform for young researchers to meet the world-class scientists, policymakers, industry experts to make the network and share the knowledge about their research. Our well organized scientific sessions will help to update and upgrade the knowledge on the subject and know more about the recent innovations in the field. Vascular Medicine Conference 2020 will be the key source of knowledge for the budding minds and inspire them to build their career in the vast sector of Cardio and allied fields.

Vascular Medicine Conference 2020 is comprised of Keynote/Plenary sessions, Industrial presentations, expert presentations, international workshops, symposiums, Poster presentations, Networking sessions, Young scholar forums, video presentations, e-poster presentations and one to one discussions including roundtable meetings.

The sessions of the Vascular Medicine Conference in Dubai will mainly focus on the applied sectors of Cardio and Vascular Medicine. Vascular Medicine Conference 2020 will discuss the recent trends, challenges, advancements and discoveries in multidisciplinary applied segments of Vascular Medicine. We call for submission of Abstracts in the sectors of Vascular Clots, Vasospastic Disorders & Venous Thrombosis, Stroke & Heart Attack, Cardiovascular Remodelling, Vascular Tissue Engineering, Biochemistry of Blood Fluids, Cardiac Hypertrophy, Hypertension, Robotics Vascular Surgery, Diseases of the Circulatory & Lymphatic System etc.

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Hilaris Conferences is going to host  International Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Events, and Symposiums in the vast domains of Life Sciences, Clinical, Medical, Healthcare, Agriculture & Food, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Sciences, and Applied Engineering, etc. We welcome you to be a part of the Hilaris Conference and share your knowledge for a glorious future. We seek the support of all the stakeholders to fulfill our vision "Join us as a Lerner and proceed as a Leader".

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