To exchange knowledge, experiences, and research findings on all facets of nanoscience and nanotechnology, scientists, researchers, and research scholars will be gathered at the Nanotechnology Summit in 2023.
The most effective forum for knowledge sharing and networking will be provided by NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY. You are invited to participate in the 2023 Nanoscience Summit 2023 by Hilaris Conferences, which will provide you an unforgettable experience.

Our conference comprises of sessions like: 

  • Keynote presentations
  • Video submissions
  • Virtual presentations
  • E-posters
  • YRF

Why to attend Nanoscience Summit 2023?
The Nanosciene Summit 2023 initially aids in extending the network around us and mainly connects us with like-minded people as well as peers in the industry. This conference enables you to communicate your thoughts and your work to others, as well as to learn outside of the field or area of interest. It not only aids in the development of knowledge about your subject but also helps in the detection of problems in your research.

Target audience:
•             Nano scientists
•             Researchers & Post Doctorals
•             Academic Professionals
•             Business Entrepreneurs.
•             Nano Science Engineers.
•             Pharmacists.
•             Scholars.
•             Industry Experts.
•             Nano Technologist.
•             Technical companies
•             Young research fellows
•             Students engaged in research.
•             Investors, Exhibitors and Sponsors.
•             Associations and Societies.

Market Analysis:

The size of the global technology market, which has been estimated to be worth $1.76 billion in 2023, is predicted to increase by 36.4% between 2021 and 2030 to reach $33.63 billion. The study of nanoparticles and devices is a component of nanoscience and nanotechnology, which have applications in all branches of science including, but just not limited to, chemical, biomedical, mechanical, and material research. The production and deployment of physical, chemical, and biological systems and devices at scales ranging from individual atoms or molecules to around 100 nanometers is included in the field of nanotechnology.
The market for nanotechnology is analysed, and insights and trends on market size are given by country, end user industry, application, and type as previously said.
The countries covered in the nanotechnology market report involve Canada, the United States, and Mexico in America, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Spain, and Turkey in Germany, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and the Rest of Asia-Pacific (APAC) in the Asia-Pacific (APAC), as well as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, and the Rest of the Middle South America


•             ASME Nanotechnology Institute
•             International Association of nanotechnology (IANT)
•             IEEE Nanotechnology Council
•             Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI)
•             Nano Technology Research Association
•             Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NTSC)
•             Nano Business Alliance
•             Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM)
•             Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Student Association (NANSA)
•             Foresight Nanotech Institute
•             Canadian Nano Business Alliance (CNBA)
•             American Association for the Advancement of Science
•             Developing Nano toxicology methodologies
•             American Academy of Nano medicine (AANM)
•             International nomenclature and standards for new nanomaterial’s
•             Indian Society of Nanoscience and  Nanotechnology


•             Nanyang Technological University
•             Tsinghua University
•             Stanford University
•             University of Science and Technology of China
•             Peking University
•             University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
•             Georgia Institute of Technology
•             Soochow University
•             Technical University of Dresden
•             RWTH Aachen University
•             Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
•             Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
•             University of California, Berkeley
•             Fudan University
•             University of Chicago
•             North-western University
•             Beihang University
•             South China University of Technology
•             Harvard University
•             Soochow University (China)

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