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The word "cancer" refers to a group of disorders that include abnormal cell growth and have the ability to invade or spread to different body areas. Benign lesions, in contrast, do not even move; they usually stay in place. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are the most frequently used treatments. Targeted therapy, immunotherapy, laser therapy, hormonal therapy, and other options are also available. The various cancer treatments and their mechanisms of action are discussed here.Hilaris Conferences cordially welcomes you to the "International Conference and Expo on Cancer Summit 2023" that will be held during May 08-09, 2023, virtually with a renowned oncologists, academics, scientists, doctors, physicians, researchers, business representatives, and students from all over the world.


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All the accepted abstracts will be published in the Supported Journals (Cancer Science & Therapy) of Hilaris Conferences with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) provided by Crossref.

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