Kakil Ibrahim Rasul

Kakil Ibrahim Rasul

  • Medical Oncology
  • Assistant Professor
  • University of Mosul
  • Qatar
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Kakil Ibrahim Rasul MBChB., College of Medicine, University of Mosul 1978C.A.B.M, Certificate of Arab Board for Medical Specialization, Baghdad, Iraq, 1989.He is a Senior consultant in Haem/Oncology at NCCCR, Hamad Medical Corporation Doha, Qatar. He also holds a position of Associate prof. in clinical medicine at Weil Cornell Medical College in Qatar and Member of the editorial board for the World Journal of Oncology Research as well as the advance in modern oncology research journal.

Kakil was a reviewer for many journals: British Journal of Medicine Research, Saudi Medical Journal, Annals of Saudi Medicine, and Qatar Medical Journal and Published around 45 articles in per reviewed journals, international and regional and also a Core member of both colorectal hepatobiliary MENA-NCCN guideline panels for development of the guideline modifications.

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