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We are delighted to announce that the International Conference and Expo on “Mechatronics, Electronics and Automotive Engineering” are scheduled during Agust 21-22, 2023 physically in Sanfrancisco, USA. We hope that this conference will provide an opportunity for scientific researchers to uncover their research ideas and discuss recent advancements and technologies developed on various technologies. The two-day conference provides demonstrative presentations, informative presentations, speeches, poster sessions, demos, and videos. The main object of Mechatronics Expo 2023 is to provide a promotion to split their knowledge and inter-change their ideas about the Current Trends and Emerging Technologies in Mechanical Engineering.  Our sincere hope is that all of you will participate and share your views on Mechatronics Expo 2023. We anticipate your gracious presence at our event.


Mechatronics Expo 2023 provides a platform to exhibit your organization's work and manufacturing products to reach all over the world. Only those seeking to purchase the goods and services offered by our exhibitors are the ones we ruthlessly target. The keynote speakers and general sessions on the schedule are intended to give professionals the knowledge they need to raise the next generation properly.

Mechatronics Expo 2023 is an excellent event with regard to the quality of the discussions, the opportunity for networking, access to speakers, and exhibitors on the show floor.

Technical and business professionals from all over the world, chartered with developing the next generation of commercial class robotics and intelligent systems products and services should attend, including:

  • Software and Hardware Developers
  • Global 2000 Businesses
  • OEMs and Manufacturers
  • Producers of Robotics and Intelligent Solutions
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Media Representatives
  • Technology/Business Analysts
  • Investment Professionals


Mechatronics Expo 2023 is a stage for Doctors, researchers, scientists, and young researchers to uncover their investigation work, to share their insight into Mechanical Engineering. Incredibly famous speakers, the latest technologies, and the most recent updates in Automotive Engineering are signs of this event.

Mechatronics Expo 2023 provides the most incredible Platform for your research through oral presentations and Learning about career development with all the recent technologies by networking. It gives a chance for research interaction and established senior investigators worldwide in Electrical Engineering. It’s a great advantage for young researchers to learn novel approaches and current trends in engineering science


Mechanical Engineers | Electrical engineers | Computer science engineers | Robotic technologist | Professors | Students | Researchers | Scientists | Smart innovators | Space science Engineers | Head of the Departments from the field of Automation | Automation researchers and academicians |Automation doctorates | Control systems, and Mechatronics expertise | Robotics Lab Directors/Associates | Professors and Students from Academia in the study of Industrial Automation and Robotics field | Software and Hardware Developers | Global 2000 Businesses | OEMs and Manufacturers |Producers of Robotics and Intelligent Solutions | Researchers and Academics |Media Representatives |Technology/Business Analysts | Investment Professionals

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