Dr Pujitha R Josyula

Dr Pujitha R Josyula

  • Red Cross, NGO
  • 99 Mindfit
  • India
Title :

Dr Pujitha R Josyula

Abstract :


Dr. Pujitha R. Josyula worked as an assistant professor in the department of management studies(HRM) from April 25th, 2016 till March 31 st 2022. Motivate students and help them to become better version of themselves. Presently working with Indian Red Cross, an NGO. She has started her own consultancy and provides online and offline counseling for kids and adolescents and couples; takes up personality development classes related to body language, interview skills, emotional intelligence and many more.

She has taken part in:

  • Participated (Online) in 8th International Congress of Stress, Performnce & Wellness, 17th -19th Dec2021, ICSPW 2021 conducted by International Stress Management Association ISMA.
  • Participated in “Mental Health in Effective Social Work and Peace Building”,                            1st-5th July 2019, Bankok, Thailand held at International Institute of Peace and Development Studies, Bangkok, Thailand.
Research Interest
Neuro- Psychologist, Trainer, and Life Coach

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