With the intention to serve as a premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and  research outcomes in the fields of chemistry, Hilaris Group warmly invites you to its annual event “International Conference and Expo on Chemistry and Chemical ScienceChemistry Expo 2023 is the branch of science that is involved in the study of the composition, properties, and reactivity of matter. Chemistry is named the central science because it's involved in every other science as a foundation for instance it's a part of botany as plant chemistry; it's part of ecology as the formation of ozone. Catalysis may be a part of chemistry that deals with catalysts that accelerate the reaction without being consumed and therefore the catalyst are often recovered at the top chemically unchanged. The term catalysis was first employed by the Swedish chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius in 1835. The application of catalysts to industrial processes was undertaken within the 20th century. The catalyst will provide an alternate route during which the reactions are often undergone with an accelerated rate, whereas without the catalyst reactants will lack the energy of activation for the chemical reaction to occur

Why to attend?

To associate with the young minds and experienced researchers from all over the world. Accepted 
abstracts after evaluating the process will be published in with unique DOI Be a part of the keynote Sessions, interactive debates, plenary sessions, poster sessions, workshops and symposiums. Immense opportunity to hear the presentations conveyed by Eminent Scientists. Get business ideas from business experts from the field of Chemistry.


Chemistry Expo 2023 conference brings together Directors, leading researchers, scholars, scientist, professors from fields of Chemistry, and Chemical Science zones to share their knowledge about the various technologies accompanying with Chemistry & Chemical Science fields. This conference also will provide a perspective understanding to the issues emerge in fields of chemistry and chemical science. Chemistry Expo 2023 provides a chance to speak with outstanding Scientists, researchers, Business Leaders, experts from all over the planet. The small effort was put by the Chemistry expo 2023 will help us in taking an extensive step within the field of Chemistry, Drugs, materials and Universal object orientation.

Target Audience:

Chemical Engineers
Chemistry associations
Chemical Technologist
Research Scholars
University Professors
Faculties of Chemistry
R&D Heads of industries
Members of Chemistry associations Clinical researchers
Healthcare professionals
Business Entrepreneurs
Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Consumer Products
Marketing Executives
Pharmaceutical Research Analyst
Advertising Executives
Young researchers


Market Analysis:

Chemicals are known forms of matter that have properties that consist of constant characteristic properties and chemical compositions. It's impossible to separate chemical substances into components without having the chemical bonds broken. This is typically done using physical separation methods. Chemicals can be found in various states, including plasma, solid, gas and liquid, and are able to change between these states when temperatures and pressures change. There are various industries that chemicals are a commodity to including life sciences, materials, agricultural, defense, energy, industrial, pharmaceuticals, some product manufacturers and defense.

Major Societies:

American Chemical Society
Association of Green Chemists
Bio-Chemical Society
Council for Chemical research
Chemical society of peru
International union of Crystallography
International union of pure and applied chemistry
Korean chemical society
Royal society of chemistry
World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists
Hungarian Chemical society
Soil Science Society of America
American Society of Agronomy
International Society of Soil Science

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